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Tony Martinez is the consummate professional. The enthusiasm and knowledge he brings to all his mental health trainings is stellar. He knows how to appropriately answer questions and comments from the audience without interrupting the flow of what he is teaching. We worked together in a project training the community on the Youth Mental Health First Aid curriculum and it was clear that Tony has passion for both training and community engagement. I would highly recommend him for any mental health training workshop.

Yvonne Sawyer, COO

Hope for Miami




For the last year, Federation of Families has contracted Tony Martinez from Insight and More as a facilitator of Youth Mental Health First Aid trainings to participants at the Youth & Family Center. Our experience in working with Mr. Martinez has been a pleasurable one as he is very engaging, knowledgeable and is always on time! Many of our participants have recommended his training to their peers and we have received many accolades for collaborating with him. Mr. Martinez is very professional and I would not hesitate to recommend him to other organizations. 

Janet Pereyra

Executive Director



Mr. Martinez has provided educational trainings to the TRC staff in the last three years. He is well prepared, answers questions to further elaborate on understanding, and was able to reference real-world applications and or situations. The information presented by Mr. Martinez was clear, concise, and consistent. 

Lorena "Lory" Toledo, BA, CBHT
Executive Director 
Trauma Resolution Center, Inc.


n several key projects, and I got to know him very well during this time.  He is someone who cares a

I have worked closely with Tony Martinez on several key projects throughout the years and I got to know him very well during this time.  He is someone who cares about the topics he delivers and his love for the community is apparent in his presentations.  Tony delivers his trainings and workshops with passion, care and professionalism. I highly recommend Mr. Martinez as an experienced, qualified and engaging trainer and presenter. 

Elizabeth Quizena, MS

Senior Director of Programs and Services 

Switchboard of Miami, Inc.



We are so pleased that Tony Martinez was introduced to our school.  We have had two sessions with parents as well as a middle school program. The parents that have attended these sessions (including myself) have been given important statistics and information that otherwise they might never have known about. It has definitely been an eye-opening experience. Tony’s demeanor and sense of humor/personality is right on target when talking about delicate topics. We have parents leaving and asking when the next session will be so that they might tell other parents as well.

A.M.  (Parent)



Let me start off by thanking you again for an eye-opening training yesterday!  It was especially moving for me because as a teen, my anxiety got so bad I was nearly hospitalized for it but as a second-generation immigrant my parents had limited exposure to mental health education-so I never got aid and was constantly exposed to stigma surrounding my anxiety attacks. Sitting in your session helped reinforce understanding for why these comprehension disparities happen and how they can be prevented. It encourages empathy on all fronts. Programs like yours help ensure that kids don't slip through the cracks by equipping adults with the most powerful tool out there--knowledge!  Thank you and take care,   

Adriana Jaramillo