Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Tony:  Hey guy. It was nice to hear from you. I got to tell you that I am now making a more concerted effort at looking at most students in their eyes, and greeting them with inquisitive questions whenever they look distressed or crying. I am doing it because of your presentation on suicide and the young man that jumped off the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco. He too pleaded for some recognition from someone to get him off his deadly goal that day.  

I just wanted to share this little bit of the impact your session had on me.  

Anthony Lorenzo 

Youth Mental Health First Aid Training

Let me start off by thanking you again for an eye-opening training yesterday!  It was especially moving for me because as a teen, my anxiety got so bad I was nearly hospitalized for it but as a second-generation immigrant my parents had limited exposure to mental health education-so I never got aid and was constantly exposed to stigma surrounding my anxiety attacks. Sitting in your session helped reinforce understanding for why these comprehension disparities happen and how they can be prevented. It encourages empathy on all fronts. Programs like yours help ensure that kids don't slip through the cracks by equipping adults with the most powerful tool out there--knowledge!  Thank you and take care,   Adriana Jaramillo