I am still learning.

                                        Michaelangelo, age 87

Adolescence is a time of change and self-discovery. A time when our physical development occurs, tossing us (ready or not) into adulthood and sexual maturity. So why is it so difficult to have a conversation about sex, especially when it’s time to have “The Talk” with our children?  

As parents or caregivers, it’s important to lay the foundation for open and honest communication around sex and other topics by having age-appropriate conversations with our children. To do this effectively, it’s critical to educate yourself with accurate information.  Your kids are searching for answers. Will they get them from you? Are you ready to assist your child on their journey? Are you armed with the right information? Are you comfortable enough to have “The Talk”? 

Insight and more, can help you get started with a variety of presentations and workshops that can help you navigate through this journey of adolescence.


Infants Thru Pre-Teens

From as early as infancy, kids are curious about their bodies and the differences between girls and boys. This presentation is designed to prepare parents to have age-appropriate conversations about sex with their children. Information provided will assist you in determining when and how to have the discussion as well as how to evolve the conversation as your child grows into a teenager.      

  • Where do babies come from?  
  • Why are boys different than girls?  
  • Why do you have hair there? 

These and other related questions, no matter how uncomfortable they might make you feel, need to be addressed to foster a healthy and open dialogue with your child. It’s important that your child is comfortable asking questions and sharing thoughts about sexuality.    

The Talk

This presentation is designed specifically for helping you to have a conversation with teenagers. Topics covered include understanding the influences that can lead teenagers to their first sexual encounter, how to bring up the topic, what to say, and how to maintain an open channel of communication once the talk is over.   

  • Provide information on identifying and addressing influences and risk factors  
  • Information on Sexuality transmitted Deseases (STDs)  
  • Information on Substance Use 

Teens, Their Bodies, and Sex

This presentation, designed for adolescents and teenagers, will help your child understand the mental and physical changes associated with puberty. All topics are discussed at an age-appropriate level.   

Five Need to Know

 This five-part presentation takes you on a journey that brings awareness to adolescent development and behaviors and provides a look into the world of young people, as they navigate today’s world. Our most popular training walks you through:   

  • Understand typical physical and mental adolescent development
  • Risk factors for teen pregnancy and substance use
  • A breakdown of sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV/AIDS)
  • Substance use
  • Conversation on depression and anxiety

Most of these sessions and presentations can be given individually or as part of a series.For pricing or to schedule a session or presentation, please contact:    

Tony Martinez at (305) 487-3825 Email: